When Managing Your Acquisition Costs Together with Revenue Management Delivers Phenomenal ROI – A Case Study

Let’s get straight to the point and take one of the Hotel Groups we work with. They have 25 Hotels in their portfolio and have centralised Revenue Management and Distribution. Total Room Revenue is 195M euros. Total Acquisition costs including Payroll, Sales and Market spend and commissions is 42M euros That makes 21,54% acquisition costs….

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Aggregating Data Streams for More Effective Revenue Management

Our industry colleagues, Sarah Thompson from Octopus Revenue Ltd. and Alex Hadwick, Head of Research of EyeforTravel Ltd, having the support of our CEO – Adriaan Kleingeld, among others, developed this outstanding report on “Aggregating Data Streams for More Effective Revenue Management”.  “Revenue managers are facing a data overload: competitor analysis, channel production, distribution costs,…

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