“What I discovered at HSDS literally blew my mind, I even remember having to leave the conference room and walk outside when I saw what kind of Software this Company is building, everything I could dream of, in fact the way I would build it myself.

I sat and talked with Adriaan, Ghitza and Silviu (CIO & CTO), all real experts in all things Hotel Technology and just as important Hotel business logic. No salesman trying to sell me anything, a fabulous philosophical discussion about what would help a Revenue Management Center work optimally.

During this discussion and subsequent discussions, Adriaan shared some of his clients and projects HSDS is working on, Revenue Management Centre’s powered by HSDS literally across the globe. Working with over 45 of the most well-known Hotel brands in the Business, powering over 3500 Hotels, how could this Company not be a household name? Adriaan is like me, no nonsense, to the point and runs his Company like I do, in an informal hands-on manner. We are extremely excited to enter into this Partnership with HSDS and OutPerform-RMS. I believe all our clients will have a huge profit from our new platform and partnership, and the many other tools we will be launching together”.

Albert Kreeft CEO

Founder IFHG