“I have been working with Ghitza, Silviu, John, Geo and of course Adriaan’s whole team for more than 12 years, in varying capacities and types of projects, for Hotel Chains (100+ Hotels) in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy with their fabulous CRS (OptiRez / rezNG), and also projects focused on Revenue Management (OutPerform).

Infact with out being arrogant I think I played quite an important role in the direction taken by HSDS, perhaps this is the real beauty of working with HSDS, apart from their real deep knowledge of the Hotel Industry, they are also always completely open and enthusiastic to discuss and more importantly to listen to the clients point of view.

Fabulous group of very intelligent modest people, very probably the best Software Development Company on the market focused on the distribution and revenue management landscape.

I look foward to a continued close collaboration.”



Andreas Erlemann

CEO Zenith Hospitality GmbH, Berlin Germany

Zenith Hospitality Solutions

iP Hoteles