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<A profound understanding of the Hospitality Industry, an exceptional aptitude for Software Engineering, blended with total transparency and a no-nonsense approach, makes us the Software Development Partner of choice.>

Our Vision

We develop Software Solutions for leading technology suppliers in the Hospitality Industry across the globe, as well as our own branded solutions, and enjoy a 360-degree view of what is going on in the hospitality industry. We understand that software, in general, is simply a tool to resolve problems, automate processes, and so on. You don’t buy software to have software, you buy software to do something better, faster, more economically and profitably.

Our approach of collaborative development means, our clients drive exactly what we do. We don’t develop and then try to persuade everybody why they need our software. The clients, more or less, design it themselves in a continuous development cycle.

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the numbers speak for


22 Years


3K Hotels


40 Hotel Chains


352 Cities

Our Services


We provide custom software development, through all the phases of the software development cycle.


We manage and host applications for many of our clients in world class Data Centers throughout Europe.


As sometimes it makes sense to have your own team, we are happy to supply a dedicated team.

A word from the founder

“To do anything really really well, you need total focus, you need a very good understanding of the business, and that’s exactly what we did 23 years ago. Back in 1999, when I started my first Software Development Company, we focused exclusively on the Hospitality Industry.

We started as a Nearshore Software Development Company, working for other Technology Suppliers in Hospitality, Hotel Chains, Asset Management Companies, Outsourced Revenue Management Companies and the like and were very successful. After ten years, we decided we were ready to build our own proprietary solutions, and sell them directly to Clients and work with top professional White Label Partners across the globe, Next Gen Opti was born as Sales division for HSDS solutions.

Today, HSDS develops and supports Next Gen Opti Solutions, as well as doing “selected” Nearshore Development Projects. HSDS, the Partner when off-the-shelf Solutions simply won’t do!

My team at HSDS is acclaimed for having some of the best Software Engineers, Architects, Business Analysts in the industry, as well as first class Support Teams. Why not just make your own life easier?

Adriaan Kleingeld

Experts who Trust Us

Ignacio P
You make decisions with your gut. My gut feeling, after a few presentations with the HSDS team, was: "Wow, they know just as much about Revenue Management as I do", and they did exactly what they promised. Always fulfilling any undertakings they made. My team at iP HOTELES work seamlessly with the Support team of HSDS and you would almost think that it’s one big company.

Ignacio Peña Ayerza

Owner @ iP Hoteles Buenos Aires, biggest Outsource Revenue Management Company in Latin America, managing over 600 Hotels
Vassilis S
What a fabulous Company! From the deep knowledge of the Hospitality Business and the team led by Silviu, through to the Support Team! The level of Support we have enjoyed through the whole project sets new standards in Hospitality. This goes all the way through the Company and it's a pleasure doing business with HSDS. Keep it up and I look forward to the future with our great team in Romania.

Vassilis Syropoulos

CEO @ Juyo Analytics, Belgium, the world's leading Analytics & Data Visualization Platform
Albert K
I sat and talked with the CEO, CIO & CTO, all real experts in all things Hotel Technology and Hotel Business Logic. No salesman trying to sell me anything, a fabulous philosophical discussion about what would help a Revenue Management Center work optimally. Adriaan is like me, no-nonsense, to the point, and runs his Company like I do, in an informal hands-on manner. We are extremely excited to have this Partnership with HSDS and OutPerform-RMS.

Albert Kreeft

Founder @ IFHG, Netherlands, the biggest Outsourced Revenue Management Company in the Benelux
​I had been searching for a partner to power our first RMS for some time, and it became clear to me, after taking the time to speak with Adriaan, Rémon & Ignacio, that HSDS would be a great choice to help us enhance our service and continue to deliver extraordinary results for our clients. They are a superb team and I am sure that this will prove to be one of the most significant business-related decisions I ever make.

Dominic Jackson

CRME, Founder @ MavREV an exciting boutique Revenue Management Company in the UK
Michael Arvanitis
I am so lucky and privileged to be working with HSDS, Adriaan and the whole team are super professional, help us at RevEffect with so many aspects of our business, I don’t feel like we have client-supplier relationship, but more like a real Business Partner and friend. The proof of the pudding is in the eating… and I really like what’s being served up, a big thank you to the whole team!

Michael Arvanitis

CEO @ RevEffect, Leading Outsourced Revenue Management Company in Greece
Ally Northfield
We take our relationship with HSDS very seriously. For us, OutPerform RMS will be an integral part of how we do business and we are making significant changes to the way we work, so that we can provide our clients with the tools they need to really rock a revenue strategy. This means working closely with the HSDS team, and learning new processes and functionality. We really value the extensive knowledge and support of everyone.

Ally Northfield

Managing Director @ Revenue by Design, Leading Outsourced Revenue Management Company in the UK
Maximilian Schmid
As Director Group Revenue at Castlewood Hotels, I was looking for a very performant RMS, one that would give me deep insights into all our properties, substantially save time for the employees and help us get the best bottom line. OutPerform-RMS has not only exceeded our expectations, but the level of knowledge Teo and Paul in the Support Team have, has blown us away. HSDS is simply a fabulous Company with great Products & an exceptional Support Team!

Maximilian Schmid

Director Group Revenue @ Castlewood Hotels, Germany
Karin Van Rhee
HSDS' team runs the daily support for JUYO customers in a very dedicated and flexible way. They have identified themselves 100% with JUYO and we built a true partnership between the support team & JUYO.

Karin Van Rhee

VP Customer Success @ Juyo Analytics, Belgium, the world's leading Analytics & Data Visualization Platform
Sebastian Schulz & Ulrike Gröver
After working with HSDS for more than five years, when we moved to a new Company, Adlon Holding GmbH, we just decided to take our technology provider along with us. We are very happy with our new CRS-System. We are proud to be able to work with such a great booking machine. We thank you for the sensational work you have done over the past weeks and months. As we know, this was a hard piece of work that we would not have achieved without you. We look forward to working with you and we know that we have a strong partner at our side.

Dr. Sebastian Schulz & Ulrike Gröver

CRO and R&D Technology Manager at Adlon Holding GmbH
Holger Hutmacher
I have worked together with Adriaan for more than a decade. He has built a fabulous team of experts at HSDS, and they never disappoint. Perhaps what’s a little special, when things do go wrong, and let’s face it, in the real world, things sometimes go wrong, HSDS never shirks responsibility. Working with the team at HSDS has always been a pleasure. Clever nice people! I look forward to working with them again and again!

Holger Hutmacher

CEO / Owner @ Moon New Era Hotels, Germany
Michael Batic
We, at Schick Hotels Wien, really enjoy working with the HSDS Team! The main reason is that Adriaan’s team is a group of true experts in their respective field, highly capable and they have already developed great products, which help us deliver fabulous results! They work hard, they listen to us and then they try to come up with solutions which really help us get better results in a wide field of activities. It is always a special time to be around Adriaan and his team from HSDS.

Michael Batic

Revenue Manager @ Schick Hotels, Austria

Riccardo Cocco

Being a Professor of Revenue Management myself, I was amazed to discover OutPerform RMS, the tool I had been dreaming about. I used OutPerform during my time in different Hotels, as General Manager or Revenue Manager. Clear and simple to use, for me it was a revolution. Already in the first year we have seen great results! I am now implementing the Revenue Management to the Short Rental Apartments and with OutPerform I already see a great improvement at 360°, revenue-wise and timing-wise.

Riccardo Cocco

Owner @ Sweet Collection, Italy