Our industry colleagues, Sarah Thompson from Octopus Revenue Ltd. and Alex Hadwick, Head of Research of EyeforTravel Ltd, having the support of our CEO – Adriaan Kleingeld, among others, developed this outstanding report on “Aggregating Data Streams for More Effective Revenue Management”.

“Revenue managers are facing a data overload: competitor analysis, channel production, distribution costs, booking information, customer data and much more. How can they know where to look, what to get out of their data and how to apply it? Help is at hand as this report will guide revenue managers in data collection, interpreting their findings and building strategies to increase profitability.

In this challenging environment revenue managers need to be on top of the changing inputs that are influencing their forecasts and ready to interpret and act on the data faster than ever before. In this report we aim to help the revenue manager embrace their growing influence and equip them with an overview of the major challenges and how to deal with them.

Topics covered in the report:
  • The effect of competitors on pricing, how to account for them and what strategies to take to get a competitive edge.
  • Understanding and constructing predictive analytics.
  • Understanding the costs of a business’s channel mix and how to win direct bookings.
  • The state of the industry’s approach to ancillary revenues.
  • The key metrics every revenue manager should be working toward.
  • The future of a revenue manager’s role and the skills they will require.
You can download the full report here. Enjoy the reading!