“During the last two decades plus, we, at Hospitality Software Development Services, have been building Software Solutions for clients in the Hospitality Industry all over the globe, currently more than 4000 Hotels are using Solutions built by HSDS.

Possibly the most important decision we made back then was that we wanted to grow organically and we wanted to work with the best Partners all over the world.

Aligned with this strategy, we looked for top Revenue Management Companies all over the world to use our RMS “OutPerform-RMS” and only cooperated with them if they were the best in their particular geographical region giving us new networks, regional know how and strong Partners to help their local Hotels.

This has been such a success that we Partnered with the strongest Revenue Management Company in LatAm, the strongest Partner in the UK, the strongest Partner in the Benelux…and more and more impressive Partners followed.

Pre ITB, I am extremely excited to announce we have Partnered with Revnomix, a leading Revenue Management specialist in India, who have already been powering hundreds of Hotels across India and further afield during the last decade.

I met Sainath Vernekar, Founder of Revnomix, and his team in June 2023. What I liked immediately, apart from the extreme depth of knowledge in his team, was the due diligence they did, not “Let’s quickly sign a contract”, but “Let’s thoroughly get to know the solution, let’s discuss the solution with our clients”.

The Revnomix team immediately shared pragmatic improvements for the RMS, specifically for their own market and Hotels, so that Revnomix-RMS fulfils all requirements and particularities in the markets they work in. This is very much in line with the practices HSDS follows with all its Partners, customisation where required so that the RMS does exactly what is required in each particular market.

After this thorough “getting to know each other period”, I am convinced we have the strongest possible Partner in India and we will be adding 200 Hotels plus in phase one during the next 6 months.

Sainath, Prakash, Shanta & team, we are very excited to embark on this new collaboration together!”

Revnomix was founded by us to bring automation in the Revenue management stream in the world of hotels. We wanted to change the way hoteliers perceived Revenue management systems and what it could do for hotels in order to optimize revenues.  Over the last 9 years we have felt that a robust Revenue management system will turn out to be a game changer, and surely complement our Revenue Management Service. Our collaboration with HSDS will help us take this vision a step ahead.

Revenue Managers can now save considerable time which can be better used to strategize and make data driven decisions. We are very excited to bring these brilliant solutions to the Hotel Industry in this part of the continent.  If we had to use words to describe how we feel, we would choose Issac Newton’s quote: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”