JUYO proudly presents the release of Launchpad!

This new functionality was designed with the aim to further improve your daily routines in revenue management. This is what you will love about it:

1. All daily tactics managed from one place

o Enrich your performance data with external data sources
o Create your own data story using the flexible layout
o Share daily revenue strategy with your colleagues

2. Forecasting process has never been so easy

o Set annual business mix strategies
o Optimize your daily forecast
o Directly integrate your forecast into your financial systems

3. More to come

The Launchpad is currently released with 4 customizable lanes. We are continuing to enhance this feature further with additional product lanes to add to your demand storyline. Additional releases will include: pick up lane, comment fields, ability to send rates, channel integration. Stay tuned the next weeks for more enhancements to come!

For questions or more information, get in touch with us!


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