Software development in the hospitality industry is not only about numbers or awards won, but also about the faces and voices of those who create software, manage projects and departments or offer support. At HSDS, we strongly believe that at the core of our success, there’s dedication, hard work and expertise. Therefore, we created a series of interviews, to give our team members a space where they can share with our readers their experience and vision.

George Flueraș is part of our Devs team and he is currently working on OutPerform, our revenue management system for hotels. In this interview we wanted to find out more about him and the work he does at HSDS, what made him join our team and how does he finds working in a smaller Software Development Company as opposed to one of the big ones.

What is it that you do at HSDS?

I’m a Junior Frontend Developer at HSDS and I’m working on the Outperform RMS project. OutPerform is a Saas for hotels that analyzes all past, current and future data, in order to optimize prices, improve RevPAR, discuss reports and KPIs.

When and how have you decided that you want to work in the software development industry?

My decision to work in the software development industry was made during my high school years, when I was attending the Computer Science Highschool in Cluj-Napoca. A big deciding factor for this was my passion for technology, which I had since I was a kid.

How is it for you working in a smaller Software Development Company as opposed to one of the big ones?

Especially at the beginning of one’s career, I find it better to work in a smaller company as you get to have hands-on experience as soon as possible, meaning that you start learning and developing really quickly. For example, when I started working at HSDS it took about 2 days to get everything setup, but on the third day I already got my first task. It feels great to be involved in the project right from the beginning, and not to waste time with various meetings and presentations.

What’s the most challenging part in the work you do?

Definitely the most challenging part of the work I do is understanding how everything works and how each part of the project relates to one another. Having colleagues ready to help me and explain to me whatever the subject may be is something that I’m very lucky to have.

What have you learned from this domain?

Over the course of my career working with top-tier employers, including Accor, Radisson and Marriott, I have developed a versatile leadership skillset, with the ability to design and execute industry-leading Revenue and Reservation functions from the ground up.

What’s the most challenging part in the work you do?

The most challenging part is to gain the insight for a market in a short time. To succeed in the hospitality industry is to be able to know your market.

Tell us about a project you’ve worked on that you’re most proud of.

A project I’m really proud of is my Bachelor’s final project, which was a robotic arm controlled via an app I made from scratch. Going into this project I didn’t have any 3D modelling skills, nor did I have the knowledge to build an app using a new language. Having my mentor help me throughout the project was very beneficial, since I managed, in a rather short time, to develop and build this project.

How do you usually recharge your batteries after a stressful day at work?

Usually, after a stressful day I either play music or try cooking/baking something new. In the weekends, I usually go out with my friends or go on small trips in the nature or in another city.

You are working with so many beautiful hotels around the world…Is there a specific place you would like to visit?

I would love visiting the small, coastal cities of Italy. The views, the cuisine and the weather seem to be fantastic. Also, I would love visiting the many castles on the Loire Valley in France. Hopefully those will be my next travel destinations.

What do you think are the most important aspects a fresh developer should focus on?

The most important aspect I believe to be is doing the research needed to fix a problem, or to find a solution, instead of always relying on someone else to help you or to do the work for you. Also, practice makes perfect.

Is teamwork important in the work you do?

I believe that teamwork is crucial in the work I’m doing. Since I’m a junior developer I still have lots and lots to learn. At HSDS, having skillful colleagues there for me whenever I have a question, or I’m stuck on a problem is absolutely great.

Any last quick tips for those who wish to work in a company like HSDS?

If you’re looking for a job where you want to develop new skills as fast as possible and gather a lot of useful knowledge from more experienced people, I think that a smaller company like HSDS would be a great place to start.

Thank you, George, for your time!

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